YA064 350W beam lamp pattern

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  • Brand:    BLUEMOON 蓝越亮
  • Type:    YA064
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YA064 350W beam lamp pattern

Power: AC90V-240V 50Hz -60 Hz

Power: 500W

Lamp: 17R 350W

Color temperature: 6000 ° K

Life: 500 hours (manufacturer rated life)

Color: A color plate, 13 colors + white effect, variable continuously rotating color wheel in any direction can produce a rainbow effect. For best results prism, a rotating prism 8, a ladder mirror (it can also be customized: prism 16, or 24 + 8 prism can be), you can reverse the direction of rotation and having a prism positioning, two magnifying glass, a mirror fogging.

Design: a rotating disk pattern in Fig. 9 + white a fixed pattern + white plate Figure 14

l focus, with a rotating touch screen. Optics, the combination of optical lenses, zoom 0-3.9 degrees, electronic focusing 20 meters.

Strobe and strobe shooting: shoot fast action strobe interrupt the beam quickly, and can achieve 1-10 times per second strobe effect. Another dimming effect.

Zoom: Electronic linear zoom system.

Motor: The built-in microprocessor-controlled precision stepper motor components.

Control: Microprocessor: high stability anti-interference ability of the CPU

Digital Control: DMX512

Light body: molded by the engineering plastic shell combination, streamline design, elegant appearance.

Fan: The fan DC12-24V natural ventilation rate. Fan cooling and thermal protection

Adjustable flash rate

540 ° horizontal rotation of 270 ° vertical rotation, the two-step precision micro Jieju

Standard DMX512 control signal 16CH / 24CH two kinds of channel mode.


Working environment: indoor, -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃

Housing: high-temperature strength plastic shell and metal powder coating technology, streamlined design.

Lamp Size: 430mm * 430mm * 63mm

Packing Size 440mm * 480mm * 840mm (air box)

Net Weight: 21KG Gross Weight: 42KG (a packed in a flight case)

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