YE202 Exquisite spot light

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  • Brand:    BLUEM00N
  • Type:    YE202
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YE202 Exquisite spot light

Comparative advantage with 300W,575W:high brightness  can focus on small volume 

24 prism zoom lens is the best choice for wedding outdoor performance   Yinhe brand glass lens  import PHILPS bulbs 
Lamp:Philips MSD Platinum 5R      Color temperature:8000K
Power consumption:200V 50HZ 350VA    Life time:2000hours
Optical devices:Three lens set ,zooming: 0°-3.9°   electron focusing;20 meters,50000LUX
2 channels mode:16 international standard DMX512 channel and 20 international standard DMX512 channel   Rotation pattern plate:17 plugged rotary patterns + white circles.,With pattern jitter and pattern arbitrary location function 
Pluggable color sheet,14colors+white
X.Y.Z High speed mirror
Strobe:Double guillotine flicker frequency can be up to 13 times per second, and can select random strobe and pulse strobe.
Dimming:0%~100% linear dimming
Atomization:0%~100% linear atomization
Beautiful blue and white LCD display Using the shuttle selection menu ,convenient and quick 
Optional electronic rectifier:Make the product lighter, brighter, light bulb more stable , more environmental protection, more energy saving 

Switching power supply optional: AC100~240V, 50/6

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